Reasons why Alodia’s fans are pathetic

The real deal

We all know for a fact that the whole Philippine cosplay scene is steady and slowly heading towards into a state of demise and denying this obvious fact makes you no different to those marauding Alodia fanatic who has nothing else better to do with their lives but to fap to her pictures online, stalk her on FB, mindlessly chant “HALLELODIA” like she’s a legit omnipotent being, defends her in the most idiotic way possible and they have the ability not to point out the mistake she makes. Yes folks, this post is solely dedicated to on those stupid Alodia fanatics and I wouldn’t be surprise if there know-it-all and moronic trolls commenting in this post, NOW FEEL PROUD FAPBOY! NOW THAT THE SPOTLIGHT IS ON YOU!

They got nothing else better to do.
In their own creepy little world, doing something worthwhile and important is not really their thing and if they are doing something worthwhile and important it always ends up being a mediocre piece of crap, they see this as an obstruction holding down Alodia’s attention, liking and commenting on her nonsense post, weird self-centered photos, shameless plugging, some stupid links and watch that tragic comedy show is the first order of business for these morons, hoping that by doing this will get them notice by their beloved GODDESS.

They having nothing left to watch…

They are delusional.
When I lurk on Alodia’s page on FB just to check out what the fuck she is up to, I encounter a lot of proposals, deluding their selves that they could win her just by “I LOVE YOU”, but the thing is, she only see this as a compliment, nothing more, nothing less and she finds it creepy when you do it repeatedly on a daily basis and she has no other choice but to permaban your ass out you creepy bastard, you. But some of them just want to be friends with her, but if you actually end up being friends with her don’t you think you might get out of place and stand-out? If you are not as pretty or handsome like the rest of her friends then you are going to end up looking like the errand boy or the inday of the group. Well it’s your life anyway and we don’t really care on how it’s going to end up.

hahaha XD


The next Alodia wanna be?

They LOVE kissing her ass.
If you are wondering why is Alodia has this habit of butchering your beloved anime character beyond recognition through some awful MOE or sultry portrayal, well she is only doing this shenanigan to please the majority of her idiot fans and add the fact that they know absolutely nothing about that character and encourage her to do more bad portrayal of that character, reason you ask? Because it makes her more cute (ACK!!!) and those shitcunt fans of hers finds pleasure in this sick atrocious act. Another thing that I notice is that Alodia keeps on cosplaying characters that doesn’t suit her (remember her Shana cosplay?) but then again nobody gives a shitcunt about it, some of them might actually think that criticizing her might upset her so they might as well shut their mouths about it, kiss her ass and approve of everything she does (including cheating and asking hers fans to help) that’s pretty much the reason why she could not ingest the criticism from others and considers them as a form of insult to her forte. So the next time you see her butchering another anime character, you know who to point your finger at.


ahhh… None of your post was liked by your ‘GODDESS’

Lazy much?

They are perverted.
The ULTIMATE fantasy of most otaku’s is to have sex with their favorite anime character, the only problem is none of those character exist in real life, so the next best thing is to have sex with a cosplayer who can portray that character “PERFECTLY” and its pretty obvious who is that AWESOME(lol) cosplayer is, right… We are not new to the fact that her wall is sometimes infested by those perverts and they post a lot of sexually charged comments on her wall; I guess she got used to it by now and not everybody in her likepage are otaku’s btw.

They are incredibly stupid.
We have encountered a lot of those idiots here and most of them could not keep up with the words we use, so they try to TROLL their way to victory but fail miserably in the process and end up horribly embarrassing themselves, I guess everybody is familiar with that “BUDDYGUARD TROLL”( that moron actually thought that he’s spelling was right) and there are some who had brains and decided to waste that precious gray matter of theirs defending that surgically enchanced prick of a GODDESS. They could really use that

They are incredibly rude.
The first thing that comes to mind when you mention cosplay to this idiots is Alodia and no one else. It’s no surprise that some of them make rude, degrading, insulting comments to some cosplayers and some of them went overboard, but little that they know that there are cosplayers outside our country that are capable of dethroning Alodia once they put on their costume and accurately portray their respective characters and the only thing that Alodia can do against them is to be MOE or sultry with her character. (Which is a no-no to most of us), plus add the fact that they do anything just to have glimpse of her especially in conventions and the likes, some of us experienced this during TOYCON and damn it was irritating to be shove, pushed and elbowed by those idiots, they barge their way into a crowd and destroyed some of the displays there and get away with it. Most of them are just plain savages with no manners whatsoever.

Rude boy

Well, there you have it. I hope that this post somehow shed some light on these morons purpose is all about.

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