Philippine Cosplay – Top 5 ways Alodia is destroying it

Alodia is destroying cosplayAlodia is the Ferdinand Marcos of our time – at least in Philippine cosplay. Obviously, the popularly proclaimed “cosplay goddess” doesn’t have the brains nor acumen like the late dictator, but she’s as endearing as the country’s strongest ruler. Also like Marcos, Alodia started out as everyone’s darling but turned out to be a money-hungry, attention-hoarding monster. And, in the end, Alodia will bring down cosplay the same way former president Marcos took the Philippines to the shitter. How? She does it, slowly but surely, by doing these things:

Misrepresenting Philippine cosplay

When you say Filipino cosplay, you mean Alodia. Is that such a bad thing? Considering Alodia knows jack shit about cosplay, or at least she never practices what she preaches whenever she’d appear in an interview as a cosplay guru who moves like a squirming dick and does the same poses over and over again, you tell me.

All style, no substance is becoming the mantra of local Philippine cosplay and the face it’s showing to other countries. Filipino cosplayers that turn heads are those who aren’t shy to shed skin – the very kind you’ll see on cosplay porn sites, minus the actual showing of private parts. Aside from the tits and pussy variety, the other kind of crowd favorite is the huge cardboard box cosplay. These hulking mechs showcase how crafty Filipino cosplayers can be, but alas, the fap boys don’t get turned on by robots.

Overpopulating cons

The more the merrier, right? You gotta love how big local cosplay conventions are these days. So big that it has become nearly impossible to enter the convention proper, if you’d even want to do that given the intimidatingly long waiting lines at ticket booths. Thanks to the goddess Alodia, the Philippine cosplay industry is booming. It’s growing at an almost alarming rate.

Or so it seems to the common idiot. The truth is, the blind fucktards Alodia is raking aren’t really good for business. They’re mostly squatters with very little money to actually contribute to cosplay’s growth. Their numbers only add to the chances of female cosplayers getting sexually harassed, as touchy feely dirt bags who only go to cons to see hot chicks put hands on them for a picture. Additionally, the current state of overcrowded cons are already turning off people who may be able to do some good to Filipino cosplay.

Turning Philippine cosplay into a money game

For a very long time, Philippine cosplay’s home-grown darling has been playing the money game. Some say it’s her mother at fault, but don’t you think they talk about this shit at home? Of course she’s part of the money-making schemes. Why wouldn’t she be? Top class whores earn at least a couple thousand dollars a night. If cosplay wasn’t profitable, why would Alodia stay in the scene populated by dirty nerds and attention whoring bitches?

When Alodia is old and used, the legacy she’ll leave on the Philippine cosplay community is the mentality that women can sell their sex appeal for huge profits. Pinoy cosplay will become a whorefest with a wide selection of girls ranging from devirginized 14-year-olds to call center agents with a dream.

Alodia is destroying cosplay

Causing much unneeded drama

Alodia has a special kind of Midas touch. Whatever she comes into contact with explodes into a huge pile of miserable, wherein her White Knights cause all sorts of commotions to protect their liege. The so-called cosplay goddess is a drama magnet, and she’s probably proud of it. She herself is a drama queen, often begging for sympathy over her own crimes through her Facebook account. She wants you to know whenever she’s injured but still trying very hard to make you happy, whether through cosplay or her now defunct gag show. She enjoys fucking with you by staging a fake resignation video complete with awful acting and a see-through false dialogue.

On the sides, her fans continue to war against other factions within the Philippine cosplay scene. Say one bad thing about her failings as a human being or her disgusting legion ruining cons for everyone, and you’ll get a legion of virtual angry trolls at your doorstep. You think Jin Joson is the better cosplayer? “Fuck you! eat shit and die!”, says the White Knights.

Scaring away talent

Alodia’s presence and position in the realm of Philippine cosplay is a huge warning sign to self-respecting aspiring cosplayers who may have the right heart and attractive appearance to be the next big thing. With the cosplay scene seemingly nothing more than bonerpalooza, better cosplayers shy away from the limelight and do their own thing in private photoshoots, while potentially good new ones aren’t even sure they should join the bandwagon because it’s a total mess. If this continues, the current talent pool will grow stale and we’ll never go back to the days when one decent cosplayer after another just kept on popping out. If things proceed the way they are now, Philippine cosplay will do nothing but breed sluts and manwhores, all thanks to Alodia.

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