Reincarnation and the Akashic Records are Real

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Today I met with a new psychic and we talked for four hours. We covered a lot of ground, and I don’t have time to discuss everything tonight, but I am pretty psyched about some results that I want to share with you guys. Basically, she was able to read correctly and often with even more detail past lives I have been made aware of.

In my mind it is now very difficult to deny that some universal body of knowledge exists (a.k.a. the Akashic Records) and there are ways to access it, in varying degrees of depth and accuracy based on what you need to know at this point in time and the ability of the person reading the Akashic Records for you. Some readers see dream-like images, others receive information directly, less experienced practitioners do it through tarot reading or other devices.

Below I will detail two past lives read to me at least twice by different readers. The initial paragraph is from this afternoon’s reading, while the second is from a reading prior.

1. WW1 era, I hail from Manitoba, Canada. I joined World War 1 as a soldier but did not see front line action. After the war, I opened a grocery with my wife and later a newspaper publication. I wrote as an editor for the newspaper and did other managerial tasks. The newspaper ran until the 80s, when a descendant of mine decided to close it due to an incident related to fire. I had 4 children, but the youngest girl died as soon as I came back from the war due to polio. I had a pioneering spirit, lived until I was 68, and it was a happy life.

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From a previous reading through a different psychic: As a middle child, I had a sheltered childhood and worked as a journalist’s assistant until I turned 20 and joined the navy, starting from peace time until 2 years into World War 1. I mostly sailed around the globe. I was honorably discharged, and later started writing books based on my experiences.  I had 3 children who lived into adulthood, one daughter followed my earlier calling and became a journalist. We were a family in an elite society responsible for the betterment of mankind.

There are two huge misses here – the number of children and my occupation after the war. I asked the psychic if I wrote anything after the war, and she said I did as an editor of the newspaper. However, the hits are also there – becoming a soldier who doesn’t fight at the front line, journalism in the lineage, and being in a well-off family (there was a Great Depression – you don’t just open a grocery and a newspaper in Canada). As for historical accuracy, there were a lot of privately-owned newspapers in Canada until the 1980s.

I have to note that the 2nd reading was done online, so its accuracy is dubious at best. Also, I was not asked to supply any personal information and was told that my intention alone was enough for a reading. Heck, it could have been a template story sent to everyone who paid for a reading. However, how do you explain the hits? What are the chances that two different readings rooted in the same timeline would have strong similarities such as becoming a soldier outside the heat of battle, journalistic sensibilities, and the 3 children who grew up into adulthood?

The explanation I can offer is this: due to its circumstances, the online reading was not as accurate as typical readings, yet the reader did see glimpses of the same lifetime that the first reader described to me. I have reasons to believe the 1st reader is genuine, but that’s for another time. Let’s go to another past life.

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2. (In order of which the details surfaced) World War 2, I fight on the losing side of war. Asian. I’m Korean, but I collaborated with the Japanese. I did not die in battle but it was a sorrowful lifetime. I died of old age. Possibly in the 80s.

Previous reading: I am a fighter pilot, wearing a helmet with flaps on the side, fighting under a flag that was only described to me but it’s certainly the Japanese flag.

I’m sure some of you guys will get this. The Japanese raped Korea at the time, and the Imperial Army employed a lot of Korean soldiers. Unfortunately, I did not get more details. The second reading is from my favorite psychic by far, but we only touched on that past life as we were discussing something else. The latter could not see my nationality, just that me as a pilot wearing a helmet with flaps and a flag that is clearly Japanese. Unless fighter pilot is a common card psychics pull on people asking about their past lives, this seems very legit to me.

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Perhaps I will shed light on these in a later post, but I want to note a few things that coincide between the reading this afternoon and the ones before.

  • I reincarnate very quickly. There is not a lot of downtime between the two past lives above and the life I’m living now. Apparently, I like reincarnating. I was told this by a psychic I trust, that I find joy on earth and reincarnate very rapidly. I’ve been to other galaxies but I want to explore earth right now.
  • I have gone past the average number of reincarnations but I reincarnate anyway. The psychic earlier today said the average number of reincarnations is 250, while the other psychic believes it’s 40-60. Well, whichever is true, they both agree that I’ve reincarnated past the number of reincarnations a person normally has. It was described as having a vacation.
  • I am skeptical towards the metaphysical, even on a spiritual level. In an encounter with a clairvoyant who can read people’s auras, I was told that at the time my aura was really thin, wrapped tightly around my body as I’m hiding in a shell. She asked me to do a prayer and said my aura expanded afterwards. What the psychic earlier saw was that my third eye is actually open, but it’s trying not to see things. She also said she saw a beetle holding me firmly with its eight arms, and she chanted something to make it loosen up. I know this isn’t psychic MO, because I ask friends to meet with the aura reader as well and I’m the only one that’s been told about having a thin aura so far.
  • I’ve been to other planets. I know we’re entering crazy territory here, but one psychic says I’ve been to other galaxies, another affirms this and says I even have another self observing from earth’s orbit. I can’t wrap my head around this either, but who knows?

I can conclude with confidence that there is a universal body of knowledge commonly known as the Akashic Records, and that we live several lives. These lives may or may not follow the linear model of time we humans have. The point is to learn lessons you need to reach higher stages of soul evolution. I personally think achieving godhood is boring if all we’re gonna do there is be orbs of light watching the third dimension, and my “Higher Self” probably thinks the same, thus the overstay on earth.

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