YesAsia Standard Shipping is Faster than Express

Airi Suzuki in bed
I’m the express kind of guy. I hate waiting, and when I buy something online I don’t want to go through the trouble of finding wherever the fuck my package is. I want the thing delivered to my doorstep.

When I decided to get all the Airi Suzuki photobooks I could get my hands on, however, I found it ridiculous to be paying for over $120 more than the actual value of my cart. I didn’t want to pay even more for shipping, so I chose Yesasia’s standard shipping for the first time (I’ve bought other stuff from there through Express, and they always send via DHL).

Because half of the Suzuki Airi photobooks I ordered are pretty old, they are listed on Yesasia’s site to be available in up to 21 days. Standard shipping is supposed to take 7-14 days, and based on horror stories I’ve read and heard about shipping through post, it could take more than one month for your package to arrive, if it even arrives at all. I had my doubts, but Yesasia never failed me before and I put my hopes in their quality service.

True enough, instead of 21 days, my items were already with Yesasia within 5 days, and they shipped the package immediately. Knowing that Yesasia’s standard shipping is through HK post, I expected the dreaded 7 days to infinity of waiting time.

Lo and behold, my package wasn’t actually shipped via post, but an Asian express service called DPEX. I certainly did not pay for express shipment, but just 3 days after my package’s status was “SHIPPED” on Yesasia’s site, it arrives to my place carried by LBC.

Long story short, I got express shipment from Yesasia for free, and received my package in 8 days instead of 21 plus 7-14. I don’t know if this is a common occurrence, but I sure am glad! Next time you buy Japanese or Korean stuff, try Yesasia. Here’s the link. You can thank me later.

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